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[R]ed[U]x Lab Website (2017)

ARVIBE (May 2017)

Enactus Clothing Donation Box (2016)

Helped with

SnowCone (February 2015)



Mariah Cestra is a graduate of Ryerson University’s Architectural Science Program (2013-17), specializing in the architecture stream. Although enjoying and appreciating architectural design, Mariah prefers to get involved with organizational tasks, communication and leadership opportunities, as well as utilizing her graphic design background.

First involved with volunteering for the SnowCone build in 2015, Mariah has been a part of the [R]ed[U]x Team since.
She has been a lead designer on industrial design projects such as the Enactus Clothing Donation Bin (2016) and the AR-Vibe wayfinding installation (2017). Mariah is also the designer of the current [R]ed[U]x Lab website.

Upon graduation, she has continued to work for Ryerson University in the Co-op Department, as well, she will be added to the University's Liaison Officer team in August of 2017.